Salon de・IP “hand-drawn sketch”seminar second edition of the News of the International Committee sponsored.

Noriyoshi Hasegawa

Salon de・IP "hand-drawn sketch"seminar second edition of the News of the International Committee sponsored.

Part One,"those born from the sketch"
While watching the drawn sketch among the actual project whether it was drawn in what scene have the commentary and what I wanted to convery to the client.

panelist : Toshinori Okino

Born in Hiroshima
1987 Tama Art University Three-dimensional Design Department
1987 Kajima Design Headquarters joined
1993-2005 Kashima Europe
2007-now Ilya Corporation Interior Design Department

Mayor works
88 Wood Street (UK)
ANA Inter Continental Manza Beach Resort Hotel
Leopalace Sendai JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
JIPAT member part-time assistant professor of Komazawa Univ. British Designers Association
Senior Member British Interior Design Association Japan reprecentation

The second part "Speed sketch seminar"」
You will learn how to draw a sketch doing.

panelist : Noriyoshi Hasegawa

1945 Born in Yokohama
1964 Yamaha
1992Yamaha Living Tech Co., Ltd
Head of living space design
Equipment development
2005 start-up Design Hasenori
Now Presentation,lecturer of speed sketch

Date 7th Mar. 2019
First part 18:30-18:50
Part 2nd 19:00-20:10
A party 20:20-21:00
Venue Tokyo Design Center 5F,crafTec gallery
Participation fee ¥1,000- (Students ¥500-)
Capacity 45 (first served order)
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