JDCA / TDC Collaboration Symposium
“Forest products business using forestry agency and regional materials”

Date 27th October 2016

As artificial forests after the war reach full-scale use, this abundant forest resources must be recycled to realize the growth of forestry industry. For that purpose, not only is wood used as a structural material for construction, but it is also an urgent task to promote wooden interiors. This year, the Tokyo Design Center (TDC) is working with the Japan Design Consultant Association (JDCA) and Kusanagi Woodwork Co., Ltd. to promote a model project for the use of regional wood materials with custom furniture.
As a lecturer of this symposium, two designers who cooperate in the production of new wood furniture, Mr. Motomi Kawakami and Makoto Koizumi, together with people from the Forestry Agency, discuss about the possibility of realizing local production for local consumption.

船曳鴻紅 JDCA代表理事(株式会社東京デザインセンター代表)
川上 元美 川上デザインルーム代表、日本デザイン振興会会長
小泉 誠 Koizumi Studio代表、武蔵野美術大学教授、林野庁国産材活用事業担当官

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