“Perch Project”
Seminar for forestry and furniture manufacturers

Date 8th November 2016 15:00~16:30

The “Perch Project” is aimed to promote the use of local wood materials by custom-made office furniture. Office furniture generally requires standardization of quality and strict durability test. However, if it is custom-made furniture, basically it is only necessary to comply with the interior regulations of the Building Standards Act and the Fire Service Act, so there is an advantage for local wood. Even if the supply system for industrialized timber, such as long and thick timber and timber with clear strength and moisture content, is not sufficient, it is possible to use timber available in the region, which is sustainble for locals. This is not the only attempt. This project aims to create a national partnership between foresters, manufacturers and designers. To create a new business platform for local production for local consumption that uses local materials and to value-up local products that have been poorly marketable, as being out of standards and difficult to distribute. A practical seminar was held during IFFT / Interior Lifestyle Living.

川上 元美 川上デザインルーム代表、日本デザイン振興会会長
小泉 誠 Koizumi Studio代表、武蔵野美術大学教授
草苅 宏明 草苅木工株式会社会長、日本家具産業振興会特注家具部会長
船曳 鴻紅 東京デザインセンター代表、日本デザインコンサルタント協会代表理事



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