TDC seminar ‘Venezia Biennale Architettura Report’


Date 25th Sep. 2018 18:30-19:45


Reporter Ms. Coco Funabiki (Tokyo Design Center)
Venue Tokyo Design Center 5F, crafTec Gallery

International architectural exhibition in Venice is held every two years. The 16th Gold Lion Award was brought to the Swiss pavilion. The theme of the Japanese pavilion is "Architectural Ethnography from Tokyo". Since it focuses on Japanese living style, there should be some affinity with interior design.

(Japanese) ★セミナー後半は、越前和紙を世界へと羽ばたかせている和紙ソムリエ杉原吉直さんに登壇いただき、今月ノーマン・フォスターやGAといった英国ロンドンの設計事務所でプレゼンした内容を始め、世界で勝負する姿を見せていただきます。

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