OPEN Shinaken 2022
Event to open historical and attractive buildings in Shinagawa Ward to the public

Open SHINAKEN is a Shinagawa Ward research project that opens buildings recognized as "historical and attractive architecture" in Shinagawa Ward to the public for one day only. Tokyo Design Center will open its doors to the public and offer guided tours. Tokyo Design Center representative Funabiki will give a commentary on the architecture and interior design of Italian design master Mario Bellini, and guide visitors through the entire building. *"Historic and Attractive Buildings" must meet one of the seven criteria (design, historicity, continuity, timelessness, regionality, innovation, and authorship).

■Guided tour of Tokyo Design Center

Date November 26, 2022 / 14:00-14:40 
Participation fee Free
Capacity 10 people *Pre entry by return postcard
Navigator Ms. Coco Funabiki (Tokyo Design Center)
Planning Access Point Architecture-Tokyo
問い合わせ 品川区都市環境部建築審査担当(構造)
〒140-8715 品川区広町2-1-36 ℡ 03-5742-9172


Tokyo Design Center





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