Lighting Design / Creative / Chance Make-Auditing for New Lighting Designers- I want to make the future a lighting designer

Date 26th November 2016

Tokyo's urban environment and the architectural design industry are starting to count down for TOKYO Olympic games. The lighting industry is also exploring the possibilities of new light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs, and there are great expectations in the lighting design of 2020 living, urban environment, and architecture. Under such a social background, the Lighting Roundtable (of 5 designers) held “Lighting Design Creative Opportunity”, a young lighting designer recruiting project (started in 2014). The finalists, selected through a document review, were invited to show their plans with a passionate desire to make a chance. As a result of rigorous screening, those who won the best prizes were awarded a training trip to Finland.

中島 春喜 株式会社モデュラー・ジャパン代表取締役
赤松 佳珠子 CAt 株式会社シーラカンス アンド アソシエイツ
小坂 竜 株式会社乃村工藝社 A. N. D. クリエイティブディレクター
行方 瑞木 大光電機株式会社 東京TACTデザイン課




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