Japan Design Consultant (JDCA) Association Continuous Symposium
Thinking about Tokyo’s branding strategy for the Olympics

Date 13rd January 2016

3rd "Paralympics-Environmental and Cultural Design"

What is required for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics? The theme of the 3rd JDCA Symposium is “Paralympics”. A panel of sports critic Masayuki Tamaki and Taro Ashiwara, chairman of the Japan Architectural Association, talked about new values ​​“more beautiful and more human-like” sports beyond the Olympic motto of “faster, higher and stronger”. A photo exhibition of Takao Ochi is also presented. He photographed the past four Paralympic Games and conveyed the charm of Paralympic Sports through his photos.

船曳 鴻紅 JDCA代表理事(東京デザインセンター 代表)
芦原 太郎 建築家、日本建築家協会会長
越智 貴雄 写真家
玉木 正之 スポーツ評論家


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