Fashion Design Lab / Fashion Show
Silence and the Desire for innocence

They shall descend in their blue robes.
Lead us to the land of purity, where lost tranquillity and innocence are united.

Please note that participation in the show is by appointment only. The fashion show will be divided into three parts on the day. The content is all the same, so please make a reservation for a time slot that suits you. We would like to invite students attending clothing and beauty colleges and fashion clubs, as well as people from the fashion industry and companies. Whether you like clothes or not, if you are interested in our fashion show, please come and join us.

日時 December 11, 2022
≪1st≫ Open 14:00 Start 14:30
≪2nd≫ Open 16:00 Start 16:30
≪3rd≫ Open 18:00 Start 18:30
Venue Galleria hall
Admission Free of charge (reservation required)
Organizing Fashion Design Lab

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