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The Tokyo Design Center which opened in February 1992 is the first showroom complex in Japan for the display of high quality interior design products.
The center, already a landmark on the Tokyo skyline, was designed by the renowned Italian architect, Mario Bellini.
Taking advantage of the existing Japanese garden and the particular contours of the site, Bellini has created a unique form with an impressive passage and staircase which cuts through the building diagonally.
Within the building the GALLERIA provides a warm yet stimulating atmosphere for special events such as symposia and exhibitions.

This tall elegant hall, lined with Travertine stone, has an adjoining antechamber above which is a gallery overlooking the main semi-circular space.
With its versatile lighting and sound facilities, the GALLERIA is suitable for many kinds of events, including symposia, trade fairs, exhibition or concerts.
It was here that, as an opening events for the Tokyo Design Center, Mario Bellini directed a retrospective of his own work.

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