Creative Laboratory

(Japanese) ショールーム退店と東京営業所移転のお知らせ (Japanese) 移転先の電話番号の変更はございません。お問合せ 03-6721-9320
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(Japanese) 東京営業所の移転先は下記のとおりです。
・所在地 〒143-0016 東京都大田区大森北1-1-5 YK-16ビル4F 405
・電 話 03-6721-9320
・F A X  03-6721-9340

Tel 03-6721-9320
HP http://www.nobelstone.co.jp

'creative laboratory' is an experience type showroom, A showroom to pursue the possibilities of brick and tile has appeared from Gifu Prefecture Tajimi, known as a production center of Mino-yaki. It is an exhibition space with the abundant ideas of NOVELSTONE company which has handles many OEM manufacturing up to now. A showroom incorporating movable panels and various lightings can pursue spatial design by experiencing the difference in appearance and give the real feeling as a kind of creative laboratory. Italian floor tiles, antique bricks produced over 100 years ago, fossil stones that let you feel nature, and modern floor tiles of the newest technology; we have such a wide range of lineups to use for stores and houses. In the display of glass mosaic, you can see the products unreleased yet and next year's trend. Also we have released a ceramic lacquerware "URUSHI" with a beautiful harmony of ceramic and lacquer finish, which is a fusion of traditional Japanese lacquerware skill and tiles. We aim to be a creative space where you can disseminate Japanese culture and realize new ideas.



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