ASJ / TDC Architect Presentation

Date 24th November 2016

The Tokyo Design Center provided an opportunity for clients to meet young architects in collaboration with Architects Studio Japan (ASJ). This time, the second edition, Mr. Toshiharu Naka, an architect who designed a house with a place of workshop, based on his theme of “Small Economy”, talked about the possibility of a combined residential house with his/hers own business. In addition, he presented his vision of “Future Living” through his exhibition in the Japan Pavilion at Venice Biennale.

仲 俊治(建築家)

1976年京都府生まれ。主な作品に、食堂付きアパート(日本建築学会新人賞、吉岡賞、グッドデザイン2014 金賞)、白馬の山荘(JIA環境建築賞優秀賞、中部建築賞金賞)、知的障がい者入所施設おむかいさん等。


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