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Tokyo-a city on the edge of Asia, has been increasingly an international metropolis. It was here that, in the spring of 1992, the first full-scale complex of interior design showrooms of its kinds in Japan, came into being-the TOKYO DESIGN CENTER.

It functions as a meeting place for designers, manufacturers and users to enable people to incorporate design into their own lives as fully as possible. Here they can select the finest in contract and residential furniture, carpets, floor coverings, fabrics, wallcoverings, lighting and interior accessories in the world. Because it brings together in a single location showrooms displaying prestigious brands of interior design, the Tokyo Design Center is proving popular not only among professionals such as architects and designers, but also, more widely, among the general public.

The cosmopolitan city of Tokyo has long been a cross-roads for people and information. Out of this fertile mixture of cultures and peoples has developed a new kind of life-style. And within the framework of this “global village” the importance of design as a concept has become firmly rooted in our consciousness.

Tokyo Design Center, Inc.



Function 1 ; Interior Mart

The Tokyo Design Center functions as a showroom where different ranges of products are brought together. The staff of each department --building management, publicity, reception and project planning-- are constantly striving for the highest standards in management and public relations.

Among the Center's important facilities are a reception area, a seminar room and a gallery. The reception desk offers information for visitors, including telephone services giving advice on showrooms and events. In the gallery visitors are supplied with information on the design products and can attend the lectures given by specialists on interior design.

Function 2 ; Cultural Spot

A distinctive feature of the TDC building is its exhibition hall, the GALLERIA. The first event held here was a retrospective exhibition of Mario Bellini's own work. Since its opening, the Tokyo Design Center has staged many cultural events. These have included a series of exhibitions showing the high standard of Japanese architectural / interior design; a project to provide young product designers with space in which to exhibit their latest work; and a number of symposia which have taken as their theme the relationship between art, design and space in contemporary life. The aim of the Center is to provide a place where fields of design besides architecture and interior decor can also develop.

Function 3 ; Design Management

The Tokyo Design Center has served as the secretariat office of The Japan Design Consultant Association of which members are experienced in design consultation for industrial promotion and business operations. The members are very capable of supporting value development projects by coordinating qualified designers of various genres and proposing effective solutions supplemented with fresh and innovative ideas. In addition, we collaborate with three organizations of spatial design, Japan Commercial and Environmental Design Association, Japan Interior Planners' Association and Japan International Association of Lighting Designers who get together in crafTec gallery on the 5th floor.

To publicize outstanding interior works in Japan, we operate and manage two websites, 'Space Design Concierge' and 'crafTec'. These websites of Tokyo Design Center aim at indexing appealing spatial design spaces throughout Japan and introducing the Japanese building and interior materials to the world market.

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