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Events History - 2009

Organized by Enataku-Kaigi・Shomei Rakkai

vol.1 17 December
Yoshiharu Hoshino(Hoshino resort, President)
vol.2 18 December
Hideki Hirai(TV Director)

caster Satoshi Uchihara, Hiroyasu Shoji, Masanobu Takeishi, Hiromi Tomiya, Yasuyuki Tomita


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TDC winter display in 2009-10
"Power of Light -Silk Tree-"
Organized by Tokyo Design Center

Date 1 December - 15 February 2010

illumination design : Enataku-Kaigi・Shomei Rakkai
TDC winter display in 2009-2010

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cantine d' autore
-The exhibition of wineries by famous architects-
Organized by Italian Trade Commission / talian State Tourist Board

Date 17 - 20 November

Winerie (Architect) : Cantina Perusini (Arch. Augusto Romano Burelli) / Cantine Mezzacorona e Rotari(Arch. Alberto Cecchetto) / Marco Felluga(Arch. Marco Bernadis) / Distilleria Nardini(Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas) / Terre da Vino(Arch. Gianni Arnando) / Badia a Coltibuono(Arch. Natalie Grenon e Pietro Sartogo) / PETRA(Arch. Mario Botta) / Feudi di San Gregorio Aziende Agricole(Arch. Hikaru Mori con Maurizio Zito) / Azienda Agricola Bisceglia(Arch. Hikaru Mori con maurizio Zito e Domenico Santomauro) / Ca’ Marcanda(Arch. Giovanni Bo’) / Rocca di Frassinello(Arch. Renzo Piano)
  cantine d’autore
Cantina Perusini

cantine d’autore
Cantine Mezzacorona e Rotari ©Zani

cantine d’autore
Marco Felluga

cantine d’autore
Distilleria Nardini
©Matteo Danesin

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Textiles Futures at Central Saint Martins
"Warp Factor 09"

Organized by Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, University of the Arts London / Tokyo Design Center

Date 13 - 19 October

Opening in Tokyo on the 13th October 2009 Warp Factor ‘09 celebrates the innovation and future thinking of textiles researchers and designers from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Presenting textiles of tomorrow the exhibition and accompanying catalogue explore potential solutions to aspects of some of the key agendas facing us all, such as Health and Wellbeing; Sustainability; Conservation and Visualisation and the re-wiring and re-branding of craft traditions.

Anne Smith, Exhibition Director, Dean of School of Fashion and Textiles, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London
The future of the global textiles industry, so often the neglected ‘Cinderella’ underpinning fashion and interiors, depends on education, industry and governments supporting collaboration between designers, researchers, technologists and manufacturers. Embodying the Central Saint Martins tradition of risk taking and challenging existing practice and thinking, all the pieces in the exhibition propose new territories, crossing boundaries between craft and technology, design and science, reality and the virtual, East and West. Recently created textiles research pieces appear alongside new works which respond to traditional Japanese cultural references and centuries old craft traditions and processes, through a fresh contemporary vision……….….
……..Textiles Futures

West meets East
The Warp Factor ‘09 Exhibition will be held over 7 days at the Toyko Design Center, moving on to the Art Gallery of University Town, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. in Guangzhou , opening in China on 29th October 2009, to return to London opening at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, this November.
Accompanying the exhibition will be conference presentations presenting opportunities for the development of international enterprise relations between Central Saint Martins designers and researchers and Japanese and Chinese industry.

Suzanne Lee
Senior Research Fellow
‘Bio Couture’
Kimono shape jacket made from bacterial-cellulose preserved using ancient Japanese Kakishibu technique.
Carole Collet
Senior Research Fellow and MA Textiles Futures Course Director
‘Pop Up Lace’
Collaborating with the Sakae Lace Company, ‘Pop Up Lace’ combines references to craft, ecology and science to challenge the perception of domestic textiles and celebrates the extraordinary potential of ordinary materials such as paper yarns and onion DNA.
Philippa Brock
BA Textiles Woven Textiles Leader
‘Self Assemble/Self Fold’
Woven textiles inspired by DNA self-assembly and origami folding techniques. Exploring the potential for on-loom finishing processes through yarn and weave structure interaction using the CAD/CAM industrial woven jacquard power loom method to create textiles which 3D self assemble/self fold as they come off the loom. Collaboration with OJI Fiber Co, Japan and The Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company, UK.
Anne Marr
Course Director, BA Textiles
Laser cut and etched interior lattice structures inspired by Edo stencil designs explore the Japanese and European perception of the relationship between the interior and exterior of the home, creating semi-open, adjustable textile structures.
Shelley Fox
Senior Research Fellow: Nobel Textiles
‘Body Map Fashion Collection’
A collection of clothing inspired by the use of MRI to create fat-maps of the body to illustrate the potential impact of MRI fat-maps within the context of home dressmaking.
Dr. Jenny Tillotson
Senior Research Fellow
‘LubbDupp Fluidic Fabric’
An exploration of neurobiological fragrance delivery to improve quality of life, mimicking the pulsatile behaviour of the heart using a periodic experimental fluid-flow demonstration.
Ulli Oberlack
PhD student
‘I+E Illumination and Emanation’
I+E investigates how wearable light interacts with the body and its environment, how this shapes the visual perception of the body, and establishes a critical framework for the evaluation of wearable light.
Linda Florence
BA Textiles Print Leader
‘Tatami Carpet’
Exploring the process of 'tracking', or of leaving marks on flooring. Patterns are hand cut from industrial flooring material which is printed with flock, wearing to show the movement of visitors to the space.
Luke Brooks
Graduate, BA Fashion Knit
‘Holyday Clothes’
Garment collection centring on the act of basket weaving and its integration into garments, combining unlikely materials and techniques within a knitwear context.
Jane Harris
‘Potential Beauty’
3D computer graphic visualisation experience of fashion and textiles, using animated and real time digital imaging media.
Kate Goldsworthy
Senior Lecturer, MA Textiles Futures
Application of laser techniques to innovate finishing techniques for recyclable textiles.
Caroline Till
Senior Lecturer, MA Textiles Futures
‘London: A visual essay’
Fashion and fabric becomes a tool to visually map a rich aesthetic, aiming to capture and record the nascent mood on the streets of London.
Elisa Strozyk
Graduate, MA Textiles Futures
‘Wooden textiles’
Exploring our presumptions regarding materials and their usage.
Eunsuk Hur
Graduate, MA Textiles Futures
‘Nomadic Wonderland’
Interchangeable modular system of textile pieces to be transformed by the user.
Nobel Textiles The result of a two year long collaboration between Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and the Medical Research Council which paired 5 Nobel Prize winning scientists with 5 designers.
Warp Factor 09
Luke Brooks

Warp Factor 09 Eun Suk Hur

Warp Factor 09 Carole Collet

Warp Factor 09 Elisa Strozyk

Warp Factor 09 Philippa Brock

Warp Factor 09 Jenny Tillotson

Warp Factor 09 Linda Florence

Warp Factor 09 Shelley Fox

Warp Factor 09 Suzanne Lee

Warp Factor 09 Ulli Oberlack

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Japan Design in Milano Salone 2009
Organized by Tokyo Design Center

Date 16 July-4 August 

vol.1 16-21 July
Aichi prefectural university of Arts
Osaka university of Arts
vol.2 23-28 July
Bandai Matsuo (acoustic engineer), Kentaro Kai (software engineer) and Kozo Shimoyama (interior designer)
Jun Hashimoto, Tatsuo Yamamoto
vol.3 30 July-4 August
Tsutomu Mutoh
PORE by Takafumi Nemoto
Jun Hashimoto, Tatsuo Yamamoto
Makoto Tojiki
STORE MUU design studio
Ippei Kimoto, Masahiro Asakura, Daisuke Ito
Japan Design in Milano Salone 2009

Japan Design in Milano Salone 2009
Japan Design in Milano Salone 2009
©Takumi Ota

Japan Design in Milano Salone 2009

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Organized by Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers

Date 20 June


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Report Meeting about Milano Design Week 2009
Organized by Tokyo Design Center

Date 15 May
Report Meeting about Milano Design Week 2009

Report Meeting about Milano Design Week 2009

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Organized by Tokyo Design Center

Date 6-8, 20-22 March

Tama Art University
Dept. of Textile Design
6-8 March
Joshibi University of Art and Design
Dept. of Design, Product Course
20-22 March


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